Pig 05049

Currently I’m working on the PR and marketing for a marketing communications game that will be launched during the upcoming TEDx Amsterdam. Of course, it’s exciting enough that Amsterdam is organizing an independently TEDx event, but since the game will be launched at the TEDx it’s double the fun.

Anyway, while checking out the program for the TEDx I found that one of my favorite young Dutch designers, Christien Meindertsma will attend and talk about her famous PIG 05049 project. PIG 05049 is an extensive collection of photographic images that documents an astounding array of products that come from different parts of an anonymous pig called 05049. In this book, Christien reveals lines that link raw materials with producers, products and consumers that have become so invisible in an increasingly globalized world.

Christien was recently awarded the prestigious Danish Index Award 2009 in Communications Design (!) for this project. PIG 05049 has also won the Dutch Design Award for best Graphic Design, the Rado Young Design Award and the Golden Eye. At this point in time Christien is in the running for the Rotterdam Design Prize 2009 for various works; her most recent work being the Urchin Pouf, as seen during i.e. the last Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

So… if you have a chance to check out the live-stream this coming Friday, make sure to listen to Christien’s talk! She's too promising to miss out on!

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