Swedish home

What a great, comfortable and welcoming home this is, so light and balanced! Although it is already close to perfection, it would be heaven on earth if I could replace the couch with a (contemporary or old Chesterfield) leather sofa, throw in some Arne Jacobsen and Jielde lamps and put in a white modern kitchen or a retro (wooden) one. If only. Found via Desire to Inspire.


At first glance this may look like a painting, but this beautiful picture, almost a ton-sur-ton color scheme, captures Mies van der Rohe's Lafayette Tower West in Detroit.

Stylist home

Everybody in blog-land has been talking about this beautiful living room (with swing!) by freelance stylist Stephanie Rammeloo. It turns out, Stephanie's whole house is just as amazing as the first image promised...

For more information about Stephanie, read more on Irene's blog.

Anna Bond

Just sharing an illustration from the lovely Anna Bond. Let's hope tomorrow the sun will show a bit more, the rain is driving me nuts.


If you're into electronic dance music, make sure to check this out. DJ’s Booka Shade (Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger) and M.A.N.D.Y. (Patrick Bodmer and Philipp Jung) are getting ready for their third release. Listen and enjoy!


Today the TransNatural, an art and design exhibition looking at the crossover between nature and technology, is opening at the Trouw building in Amsterdam.

Australian Lucy McRae, now living in the Netherlands, is one of the designers and scientists who is presenting their work during the Multiplex TransNatural. Being a 'hybrid' (trained as a classical ballerina and interior designer, involved in anything varying from photography to graphic design and from styling to arts) Lucy has been involved in several (futuristic) commercial and non-profit projects, straddling the world of fashion, technology and the body. With her fascination with the human body she acts as a true 'body architect' and creates the most amazing things.

Chlorophyll skin

A great experimentation into color, movement, absorption and the body by Lucy McRae and Mandy Smith.

Miss Bibi

Brigitte Giraudi creates jewelry that takes inspiration from miniature objects, toys, the world of childhood and nostalgia. Wonderful how Brigitte knows how to mix a good sense of humor with 'everyday' things and objects and transforms them into gorgeous little recognizable pieces of art. Here some of my fun favorites...

*Heart* Fritz

My eternal love for the Egg Chair made me check out the image bank at the Fritz Hansen site. The image bank contains many, many images, great for inspiration, moodboards, and additions to wishlists.


A lovely new start of the week. I'm full of energy and have a lot of interiors and art projects to share. This beautiful teahouse designed by Terunobu Fujimori for example, what a dream. With the blossoming trees, it makes me long for the spring...

When looking for more information on Terunobu I found out he has made some great models and designs too that are playful, fun, inspiring and renewing. They made me think of Hundertwasser's architecture and paintings; almost as if Terunobu's designs are the modest, modern, and dreamy variations to it.

Happy Valentine

In daily life English Zoe Karssen is art director for the Dutch Blue Blood brand, but 'on the side' she designs some - as she would probably call it - ace t-shirts, like this one. Enjoy!


You probably have heard the sad news that Alexander McQueen is no longer with us... The fashion designer who always knew how to re-invent fashion; his designs were always surprising, trendsetting, exceptional and unique. His collections were the best, magical and futuristic, and always using the best techniques and materials. My respect to one of the best fashion designers in the world. Ever.

Improve your move

Meeting with the Holland Dance Festival tomorrow. While preparing for this meeting I found this fun video. The concept is by the Holland Dance Festival, the music is by Mark Norman. I love the beat, it reminds me of Mr. Oizo (and Flat Eric of course).

Julia Pott

Wow, wow, wow. The work of young London-based illustrator Julia Pott is just awesome! Julia is currently doing a masters in animation at the Royal College of Art in London and has won awards for her short film 'My First Crush' (watch below).

If you're liking Julia's work as much as I am, make sure to be quick in getting your favorite print as she'll be closing her shop for an indefinite time per tomorrow.

A single man

Last weekend ‘a single man’ finally premiered in the cinemas here. Just knowing Tom Ford, formerly known as Mr. Gucci, is on board makes you expect a visually stunning movie. And what a beauty it was indeed...! The costumes, styling, interior... everything was just so perfect.

However, what really caught my eye and I immediate fell for, was the redwood, concrete and glass residence, designed in 1949 by John Lautner. This architectural gem, located in the Whiting Woods area of Glendale (527 Whiting Woods Road, Glendale 91208), was instantly added to my wish list. The best thing about it? It's for sale!

Clumsy Bird

There's something about Claire's work that intrigues me. Claire's work appears on 'Words to shoot by' and Flickr. And there's more. Claire also shares her life, view and pictures of herself and her dad. Sweet.

Thank you and hello!

Image by Joyzipper

Oh wow! Kim and Jo from Desire to Inspire totally surprised me by sharing my blog with all of their readers. I feel so honored. Thank you so much Kim and Jo!

And... a warm welcome to all of you who were curious and checked out this corner of the internet. I hope you’ll enjoy reading Orange Pop Design as much as I like writing it.

This ain’t no disco

Here a selection of some of my favorite interiors of/and agencies as featured on This Ain’t No Disco. Have you noticed? I can't help but keep falling for industrial meets white meets graphic meets fun meets minimalistic meets vintage over and over again...

This Ain't No Disco invites (advertising and design) agencies from across the world to show their inner sanctum and like Pandora’s Box, once you look inside nothing will ever be the same again. This Ain't No Disco is a great source for fun, cool and stunning interior ideas; how much inspiration does one need? You'll for sure find it here.


Nothing Amsterdam
is a creative company that really knows how to make a statement. This absolutely amazing interior for Nothing was designed early 2009. An entire office made of carboard, how awesome! Alrik Koudenberg came up with the concept for it and the design was done by Joost Bleiswijk.

A home

On the blog of Australian photographer Paul Barbera I found some amazing images of a styled house, probably an editorial for a magazine. I love, love, love the concrete-ish cabinet that's showing in the first and second image.


Swedish architects Elding Oscarson have completed this small modern house of 75 square meters sandwiched between very old neighboring buildings in Landskrona, Sweden.

Neat how the sharp contrast highlights how new and old architecture beautifully can be combined. The light, white interior, a single open space, connects all floors cleverly and invite you to enjoy all areas.

Light house

Swedish Zero is now selling the striking Light House lamp, designed by Thomas Sandell. I love the clean lines. It's no more than the shape of a house like small children would draw, but this simplicity makes the image as strong as it is.