All I want...

Last week has pretty much been a week where every minute awake was spent on projects and planning. As I had to submit a plan for a new event within the city of Amsterdam, I didn't have much time to collect any design news. Today I’ll make sure to kick start the week and make up, starting with this post for the ‘All I want…’ series.

This week’s list includes some great, classic style icons (such as the ever beautiful Egg Chair) but also some new finds that will make great gifts. And, yes, do purchase the amazing jumpsuit. It's all you need to look fabulous this winter…!

1 - Coat hooks; 2 - Lamp; 3 - Tea pot;
4 - Monkey;
5 - T-shirt; 6 - Mug;
7 - Cutlery; 8 - Jumpsuit; 9 - Candles;
10 - Bowl; 11 - Ring; 12 - Chair

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Dalol The Developer said...

wow I want a lot of these things..:)