Israeli designers Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay of Raw-Edges Design Studio created an astonishing series of plush seats. To do so, they borrowed a pleating technique used in fashion production, and a special material (DuPont ™ Tyvek ® sheets). The method of pleating allows the flat, non elastic material to become a springy, three dimensional cushion when filled with soft polyurethane foam. Brilliant!

Soft sweet skies

An amazing picture by the Ukraian Liquid Sunny day...

Dutch design yearbook

The first (bilingual) Dutch Design Year book is a fact! Edited by the Dutch Design Awards selection committee chairs, the book presents an overview of the 60 best designs produced in the Netherlands between 2008 and 2009 in the fields of spatial design, product design, fashion and graphic design. If you're interested in winning a copy of this book, just check this.

Mysterious letters

Designed to prompt neighborly discussion and promoting community curiosity, Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton decided to write a handwritten letter to everybody in the world. This project kicked off writing to every single household of Cushendall, Ireland. In two weeks time Michael and Lenka wrote 467 letters, and in trying to be personal they put in the time and effort to make each letter entertaining and stunningly beautiful. Imagine receiving such a letter? How wonderful would that be? I hope one day I will find one on my doormat too...


Another treasure... the simple and elegant clear-line & watercolor illustrations from the Japanese Micca.


A while ago I shared some of Denise’s work with you, her being one of my favorite illustrators. Here’s another illustrator I think delivers briljant work and has more or less a similar style to Denise’s: the Spanish Sandra Suy. Do you like her work as much as I do? Sandra's work is available here.

Function tiles

Remember this? In 1997, at Droog Design’s Milan exhibition, Peter van der Jagt, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Arnout Visser presented their remarkable three-dimensional function tiles, and proved that a lot more could be done with tiles than just covering a wall. They created unique tiles in which all essential bathroom and kitchen elements and products were integrated in it’s design. Audience and press immediately loved it, but until recently only the ‘flat’ normal tiles (15 x 15 cm) could be mass produced, whilst the three-dimensional tiles and the rounded off edge tiles could only be produced manually.

The great news is that, after 12 years of research, they now managed to build a machine that can mass produce the bathroom three-dimensional tiles as well; Dtile is now a reality. Finally, the cool looking and functional kitchen is now something we can all have... this was worth waiting for!

Note: They’re still working on the kitchen tiles, focusing on the handy stove design.

Baked objects

I was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful and pure work of Italian Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of Formafantasma, who just graduated from the Design Academy. The collection includes objects made of flour, coffee, spinach and other foodstuffs, and is part of an exhibition called ‘Getting Lost’ at the 4 Apostelen church in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week.

It’s motivating to see how they interpret the theme ‘Getting Lost’, and looked back at their design memorabilia; ideas, pictures and techniques they left behind, taking their inspiration from a Sicilian custom where architectural objects are baked as festive decorations.

Wool filler

Inspired by Platform21's Repair Manifesto, Dutch designer Heleen Klopper invented Wolplamuur (Wool Filler), a kit that allows people to mend holes or worn patches in textiles by applying wool felt fibers. Although born out of necessity, Heleen's solution to mend holes is a beautiful way to playfully add different colors and textures, adding a unique style to clothing.

Viktor & Rolf

With all the shows during the last Fashion Week in Paris, Viktor & Rolf's managed to be the most talked about, again. For the spring/summer 2010 collection Viktor & Rolf collaborated with Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets from Studio Job. To see the complete runway show, check out the two videos (part I & part II). Music performance by the wonderful (pregnant) Róisín Murphy.


James Patmore's ‘NaCl’ light is an organic cluster of geometric shapes based on the sporadic formation of salt crystals. A light that, because it's so architectural and not symmetrical, you keep looking at it. Like you would with a good piece of art.

All I want...

One of my favorite brands for clothing is French Connection. They have amazing jackets, dresses, shoes and knits. The above would be such great addition to my wardrobe. This selection of clothes could easily be working for a dinner with friends, a galery opening and visiting clients for work...

1 - coat; 2 - jumper; 3 - necklace;
- shoe; 5 - trousers; 6 - mini skirt;
7 - top; 8 - bangle; 9 - dress

Good cause

The Uniform Project is a fun, inspiring good cause initiative, that just crossed the halfway mark. To celebrate, Sheena Matheiken created this video to give you a little update on the whole. Love it!


Just love this image: the colours, the composition, the light, the contrast of the autumn nature versus the black high fashion outfit... beautiful.

Merry go round

Yesterday Eindhoven’s Dutch Design Week kicked off, the largest design event in the Netherlands. Each year the Dutch Design Awards are presented during a festive award show on the first day of the event.

Last night the merry-go-round by Studio Wieke Somers, a 'cloakroom' where coats and possessions are suspended from the ceiling, was awarded the Golden Eye award for the best project in all award categories. The merry-go-round is at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Wild things

Today the movie ‘Where the wild things are’ will start playing in the theatres in North-America. The movie is based on the wonderful children's book written by Maurice Sendak. I am eager to see how the actual movie turned out, the trailer is so promising. Unfortunately it will not be in the theatres here until January 2010, but I'm curious to find out how you liked it...

Wooden carpet

Currently many (new) designers and artists are assembling furniture from pieces of (old) furniture and create a complete new look. Of course this has led to quite some interesting designs, but it seems that some of the design is stuck. Glue, screw, repeat...

So looking for the next, fresh designs I was pleasantly surprised to find the remarkable designs by young German Elisa Strozyk. Patterns, structures, original fabrics is what it is all about in the experimantal designs and products. Elisa looks at materials in a new way and explores how new surfaces can be composed, including different three-dimensional shapes. Wow.

A bit late maybe...

... but still too cool to ignore and not mention. German designer Hannes Grebin has created a range of living room furniture based on 1970s German domestic decor. The collection includes a sofa, arm chair, sideboard, rug and pendant lamp. The design of the collection reminds me of Jurgen Bey's chairs, the ones he designed for the Interpolis office, back in 2003. Although Jurgen's chairs are great, I really enjoy the twist in Hans' design and the link to the past; grammy's chair goes design.


These hand knitted wooly wonders are from Isobel and Cleo and pretty much blow my mind.


I was truely stunned after I watched the video and reading the thesis about Funktionide, a concept by young German Stefan Ulrich or Eltopo. According to Eltopo Funktionide reflects upon how new technologies will change future products, and the way we interact with them. The Funktionide is an amorph object whose intention is to provide the user with a atmosphere of presence thus counteracting the feeling of loneliness.

Eltopo also created an amazing liquid wall (do check this!), to able people for authenticity and presence of materiality, and with this he and Yi-Cong Lu were named winners of the International Design Award 2009.


Just couldn't resist these two chicks...

Orange Pop Photography

Lately I've been taking many pictures again (old habits die hard) so I thought I'd 'surprise' you with some, being a little 'peek' in Orange Pop's life at the same time. For the blog I've combined indivial original pictures, making themed sets; each set consisting of three pictures.

If you're interested and would like to show these pictures on your site, please make sure to mention 'Orange Pop Design' including a link to this blog. For more information, just contact me via email. Thank you :)

*Heart* Dwell

Always packed with great articles on architecture, interior and design; Dwell's one of my favorite magazines to read.

Some of my favorite houses featured on the site are the Parisian garden apartment (including an amazing vertical garden in the living room) and the smart apartment in Warsaw!

Stylish home

The apartment of one of the stylists of a major Dutch home magazine is for sale. This perfectly styled house looks like it could be featured in any home & living magazine any time, everything is neatly organized and a very well-balanced color scheme was used. An absolutely stunning home that probably won't take long before it will be sold.

Soft men

The above little softies were up for 'adoption' but I was too late. Let's hope Sandra Juto will create some new ones soon. Although no 'men for sale' right now, there are some gorgeous pocket calendars and prints available that you may like...

Carpe Diem

Vietnamese Diem Chau creates these lovely delicate pieces, combining silk with porcelain. Diem embroidered partial figures on stretched cloth that covers discarded dishes, a renewal of an object's previous life, the past is ever-present in her art. And... should you be in the San Francisco neighbourhood; Diem's work will appear in the Rare Device gallery from October 2nd till November 1st.


Aren't these bowls the prettiest ones you've ever seen? I like the contrast of the rough outside, in combination with the smooth, shiny and colored inside of the bowl. The bowls are designed by the Loyal Loot collective. Great for decorating the tables and dressers now autumn has officially started.