Function tiles

Remember this? In 1997, at Droog Design’s Milan exhibition, Peter van der Jagt, Erik Jan Kwakkel and Arnout Visser presented their remarkable three-dimensional function tiles, and proved that a lot more could be done with tiles than just covering a wall. They created unique tiles in which all essential bathroom and kitchen elements and products were integrated in it’s design. Audience and press immediately loved it, but until recently only the ‘flat’ normal tiles (15 x 15 cm) could be mass produced, whilst the three-dimensional tiles and the rounded off edge tiles could only be produced manually.

The great news is that, after 12 years of research, they now managed to build a machine that can mass produce the bathroom three-dimensional tiles as well; Dtile is now a reality. Finally, the cool looking and functional kitchen is now something we can all have... this was worth waiting for!

Note: They’re still working on the kitchen tiles, focusing on the handy stove design.

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