Dot, comma and sugar, please!

Some beautiful work of Dutch stylist Carline van Oel. The inspiration...!

Update: Unfortunately it's impossible to embed the video but you can view it here...

Still in LLOVE

The LLOVE Hotel is an amazing one month exhibition consisting of guest rooms created by Dutch and Japanese designers, such as Joep van Lieshout, Pieke Bergmans and Richard Hutten. Not only is the hotel an exhibition you can visit, but you can actually book an overnight stay.

The LLOVE concept for this this unique temporary hotel was created by Suzanne Oxenaar, Artistic Director of the Dutch LLoyd Hotel in Amsterdam.

Dutch Design Week

Today's the last day of the Dutch Design Week, the largest annual design event in the Netherlands. This past week Eindhoven has been the mecca for the amazing discovery of around 1,500 talents, ideas and products from design disciplines such as industrial design, concept design, graphic design, textile & fashion, spatial design, food design and design management & trends.

It's too much to list all that stood out, but let me share the work of some of my personal favorites, starting with Sanne Sofia Broks and her Suitcase 20 Kilogram Generation.

The concept of 'temporary design' is again taken to a new level when keeping traveling and identity in mind. Another great example was the fabulous work of Lotty Lindeman and her suitcase closet two years ago.

This year Sanne surprises us with her suitcase that will allow anyone to give an unfamiliar space a bit of a personal and homier touch. The suitcase and it's compartments turn into functional stylish interior objects, adding extra functionality to the suitcase. Your identity is no longer restricted to the twenty kilograms that fit inside the suitcase.


New coffee bar the d’Espresso Cafe in New York based it’s design on the interior of a library. Never a dull moment in this library; to make sure heads would turn, the interior was spun around, shifting each part 90 degrees. The floor was shifted to the rear wall, the library stacks were shifed to the floor, ceiling and outer walls, and the library ceiling became the back of the bar. Great place to enjoy coffee over a good book.

The twist of the interior design by Nema Workshop reminds me a lot of the Viktor & Rolf store in Milan, which unfortunately had to close it’s doors in 2008. In the Viktor & Rolf, by Dutch interior architect and art historian Siebe Tettero, literally everything was turned upside down. The rug was on the ceiling and the chandeliers were on the floor. Even the names of the designers were upside down on the shop window. Those were the days...

Homemade is best

Ikea's new cookbook 'Homemade is Best' presents ingredients in a visually stunning original and graphical way. Instead of focusing on the end product, Ikea takes the concept of ‘food that looks great’ to a completely other level and focuses on the ingredients. The presentation makes you respect and understand better what end products are made off, focusing on the real, good and simple.

To top it off with, Ikea also launched the Kondis iPhone app where food, fit and fun are brought together. The app tells you what you need to do to burn those calories off and can indulge guilt-free afterwards.

Butter licking good goes 2.0!


Bristol-based Zara Picken is a young illustrator who is influenced by mid-century modern design and has a passion for old paper-based ephemera. Her work is retro-tinted with textured blocks of colour, and combines digital and handmade elements.

Starman is just one of Zara's many beautiful illustrations. If you still have a spot on the wall... threat yourself this weekend and check out Zara's little shop.


Studio Gorm
has designed a wonderful kitchenette "where nature and technology are integrated in a symbiotic relationship. In this kitchen, processes flow into one another in a natural cycle, efficiently utilizing energy, waste, water and other natural resources. It provides a space not only for preparing food but an environment that gives a better understanding of how natural processes work. A kitchen where food is grown, stored, cooked and composted to grow more food."

I love the clear and simple lines of their designs, and this kitchen is just another perfect example of the signature style that they have truly mastered; great 'Dutch' design with a twist as seen by many Droog Design items.

Studio Gorm is a collaboration between American John Arndt and Korean Wonhee Jeong who met while studying in the masters program at the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Train tray surprise

Every now and again there's someone who can really surprise us. One person who does for sure is English Dominic Wilcox. Dominic created a 'pop up train tray surprise'. What a great treat! For sure a fresh look on street art, graffiti and guerrilla art, putting some smiles on people's faces!

Dominic was recently featured on many sites with one of his latest projects, called 'by a thread' where cotton thread is wound onto a wooden cane, one spool at a time. 'By a thread' is now on show at the Designhuis in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

More i29

Earlier this year I shared one of the many magnificient projects done by Dutch Interior Design firm i29. And today, I came across another i29 interior gem (via Irene). The colors, graphic lines, the contrast of materials make this apartment look spacious, organized and welcoming... All that, and more, on just 45 m2.

Kyoto town house

The beautiful Kyoto town house is like a origami dream. Beautiful wood sculpted the house in such way that it's given a surreal and spectacular look and feel. All the different angles, nooks and levels, give the interior such a magical touch. It's like Japanese Alice in Wonderland could walk in any moment and serve you some (green) tea.

Tired lounge

Verner Panton's relaxer rocking chair has always been one of my favorite rocking chairs, and now Leo Kempf has taken the design to another level.

Although the original is - in every way - simply amazing, I'm pleasantly surprised by the twist Leo managed to give it. Like Verner himself dusted it off and is getting the relaxer ready for a new rock show.


Dutch Dik Scheepers made this beautiful porcelain set, not being focused on perfection but the more on the individual characteristics of each and every item. All flaws refer to the story of processing, contributing to their uniqueness and beauty.

Judith Peterhoff

Young German jewelry designer Judith Peterhoff has a very promising portfolio. I love her new 'placebo' jewelry line and the somewhat older 'wear after eating'. Great how, unconsciously, the surprise element is a continuous in her work.

Petit bonheurs

Via Minna's blog, one of my all time favorites, I came across this beautiful blog filled with many, many pictures. The pictures present great style, just look at the amazing 'props' and products used in the pictures. Varying from a glitter hat to felt boots, and from a vintage card game to beautiful masks. For sure a blog that perfectly seems to resemble the honest, simple, stylish and, most of all, happy life...

Life is a beach

As it's getting warmer and warmer I find myself longing for a quick run on the beach and then dive in the ocean. Bringing summer home with the salty skin and sand between my toes being sweet souvenirs. Always having lived close by the ocean, at times I truly miss the air, waves, sand, sounds and breezy style that can only be found near the beach.

Realizing how much I miss it, and then seeing the beautiful images on Victoria's blog were like a nice fresh splash in the face, feeling like virtual evening skinny dipping. Especially on hot summer nights like these. Happy to have tomorrow off... guess where it will be spent? Life is a beach...!

Images by Sanctuary Photography, Vonnie & Mrs. French

Cloud stool

Joon & Jung
created the Cloud Stool, inspired by the flexibility and softness of the cloudscape. Sweet dreams on legs!

Matthew Lyons

By pure luck I ran into the great work of English student Matthew John Lyons who is in his final year of an illustration and animation course. Great graphic style and absolutely loving the choice and use of colors.


Dutch Interior Design firm i29 designed the new interior of this splendid 1930s Amsterdam family apartment. The interior is completely unrecognizable from its original state, once cramped full of long corridors, doorways and small rooms. The new interior turned the house into one big open, spacious interior with the central feature being a striking white kitchen cabinet made from laser-cut MDF.


English Tom Edwards' set of landscapes was inspired by Icelandic scenery. Wonderful how the charm of a seemingly simple cut & paste look emphasizes the concept, shapes and colors.