Dutch Dik Scheepers made this beautiful porcelain set, not being focused on perfection but the more on the individual characteristics of each and every item. All flaws refer to the story of processing, contributing to their uniqueness and beauty.

Judith Peterhoff

Young German jewelry designer Judith Peterhoff has a very promising portfolio. I love her new 'placebo' jewelry line and the somewhat older 'wear after eating'. Great how, unconsciously, the surprise element is a continuous in her work.

Petit bonheurs

Via Minna's blog, one of my all time favorites, I came across this beautiful blog filled with many, many pictures. The pictures present great style, just look at the amazing 'props' and products used in the pictures. Varying from a glitter hat to felt boots, and from a vintage card game to beautiful masks. For sure a blog that perfectly seems to resemble the honest, simple, stylish and, most of all, happy life...