Hello Little Printer

Not only is this little fellow good looking, 'he' also delivers little personalised printed 'packages'. Once connected to your smartphone Little Printer will gather news, puzzles, images and messages from friends and create beautiful mini-newspapers.

Too beautiful to hide

Droog just released 'Too beautiful to hide'. A hot water bottle by Dutch designer Wendy Legro. With its soft skin and unique aesthetics, this one for sure is too beautiful to hide.

“The hot water bottle tends to be an underappreciated product. It has a beautiful function but an outdated appearance. I wanted to reflect the feeling the bottle gives you in the aesthetics of the product,” says Wendy.

Floating bench

The balloon floating bench is designed by Japanese studio h220430. This bench was visually inspired by the feeling of floating that the main character felt in the beautiful French movie “Le Ballon Rouge” from 1953.

This floating bench combines modern technology with classic touches and a smile. Although it appears to be held up by bunches of balloons at either end but is actually suspended from anchor points in the ceiling, concealed by clusters of polyethylene balloons.

Orange Pop pins...

For almost a good year I have been hooked. Hooked on Pinterest. Anything I come across like, wish, need, love or need to remember I add to one of the lists I curate here.

Pinterest is truely a great site. An easy to use visual feast, but oh so easy to loose track of time. Yup, an inspirational trap in cyberspace as there's always something or somebody to discover. So... would you ever wonder where I'm hanging out, good chance you'll discover a new pin from me here.

Odd goes kaleidoscopic

From day one I've been a huge Odd-fan. Odd Magazine is "completely conceptualized and realized by a group of 30 students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, It explores six connections between seven people in the creative industry. Inspired by their personal stories and fashion visions, the magazine reveals an unexpectedly beautiful world of fashion, photography and illustration that is just a little bit odd."

An concept and initiative that continues to exceed many expectations. And now, with the magazine being available for the iPad, and the movies featured in the online version, it's mindblowing. W.O.W.