New coffee bar the d’Espresso Cafe in New York based it’s design on the interior of a library. Never a dull moment in this library; to make sure heads would turn, the interior was spun around, shifting each part 90 degrees. The floor was shifted to the rear wall, the library stacks were shifed to the floor, ceiling and outer walls, and the library ceiling became the back of the bar. Great place to enjoy coffee over a good book.

The twist of the interior design by Nema Workshop reminds me a lot of the Viktor & Rolf store in Milan, which unfortunately had to close it’s doors in 2008. In the Viktor & Rolf, by Dutch interior architect and art historian Siebe Tettero, literally everything was turned upside down. The rug was on the ceiling and the chandeliers were on the floor. Even the names of the designers were upside down on the shop window. Those were the days...


Arch-Key said...

I would really like to visit this cafe...do you have the address? Thanks :)

Orange Pop Design said...

Hi Arch-Key,

Sure. The coffee bar can be found on 317 Madison Avenue (at 42nd).

Their website is now up too :-)

Hope you'll have a great NY trip, enjoy!