Chris Berens

Last night, when the whole house was asleep I was enjoying my local newspaper. Just a little me-moment. And then, after turning page 7, I just fell in love. In love with the beautiful work of Dutch artist Chris Berens.

Via his paintings, Chris has found a true unique way of sharing visions of his internal universe as if he sees it through an ancient handmade lens and shares his view of curious places in unpredictable ways. His canvas world is inhabited by an exotic menagerie of animals, children and fantasy landscapes.

Chris' technique and process of working are just as unique, as he begins by painting small scenes and figures in ink, bistre and varnish on glossy paper. Once completed, he cuts up each sheet and reserves the elements he wants to use, and peels away the clear coating layer from the underlying paper. The remaining semi-transparent images are stacked, layered and collaged onto panel to create the final work. To learn more about Chris’ technique, see the interview (part 1 & part 2) for Hi-Fructose magazine.

Would you happen to live or be in New York, please make sure to check out Chris' first solo exhibition debut 'The only living boy in New York'. The exhibition runs from December 16, 2009 through January 23, 2010 at the Sloan Fine Art Gallery.

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