Clumsy Bird

There's something about Claire's work that intrigues me. Claire's work appears on 'Words to shoot by' and Flickr. And there's more. Claire also shares her life, view and pictures of herself and her dad. Sweet.


kbezona said...

cant believe theres no comments!!! I love your blog!
following u!!!

Dalol The Developer said...

I agree!!!! Love the blog too much!

Orange*pop said...

Hi Kabezona,

Thank you so much for the sweet comment and encouragement :-) I checked your blog and you're such a great illustrator. I might feature some of your work here later!

Love from Amsterdam!

Orange*pop said...

Dalol, you're the best!!

kbezona said...

Oh my god, no!!! My work here? :DDD yaiiiiiiiii!!! I´m happy just knowing you visited muy blog ^^
Greatu post about Julia Pott, I didnt know about her, she is really awsome!!!

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