All I want...

With all the holidays coming up it was time to check out a collection of wonderful shops and galleries. All the items here are great finds, but what really wowed me are the needle felted dogs. These beautiful dogs are handmade by artist Domenica More Gordon from the
Work Shop Edinburgh. Another treasure is pretty much anything from Shinzi Kathoh, but the pieces from the beautiful Alice in Wonderland tea set are for anybodies wishlist; beautiful and stylish. Enjoy these shopping treats for the weekend!

PS - As I really enjoy browsing, collecting and creating these kind of items, I'm thinking about posting a shopping item every Friday (the 'Friday shopping feast'). If you have any suggestions for a theme, designer, color, special gifts, or anything else, just let me know and I’ll make sure to post a great collection with items and ideas here.

1 - Sake set; 2 - Blanket; 3 - Cup & saucer;
4 - Card; 5 - Bird hangers; 6 - T-shirt; 7 - Plate;
8 - Kids duvet cover; 9 - Plate; 10 - Felt dog

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