Tea dance

The talented Amsterdam-based German/Iranian designer Siba Sahabi has produced an exquisite Moroccan tea set. This stunning 'Tea dance' collection of teapots and glasses takes its inspiration from a colonial ritual; in polite French-colonized Moroccan society, ladies, such as the host, her daughters or the servants, were asked to perform dances to amuse the guests who had been invited for tea.

The collection is made out of wallpaper, used for its strength and resistance to light. Siba, interested in adding a third dimension to paper and curious what possibilities were available in stead of traditional methods like origami or pulp, experimented with the material to learn more about its potentials and found a technique to build sculptures by cutting, folding, rolling and gluing paper strips.

'Tea dance' is part of the exhibition 'Paperficial' on show at the gallery Craft2eu in Hamburg from 10 March until 8 May 2010.

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Francien Opdebeker said...

Vraagje: hoe doe je dat verdelen in die vlakken? :)