Furry object

Although I'm absolutely not in favour of promoting anything fur, I really enjoy designer Magnhild Disington’s experimental work 'Furry Object'. So, just this time, this one time, I'll make an exception...

Magnhild’s work was among the finalists for this year’s competition ‘The Golden Fur Needle’ held by Kopenhagen Fur. Furry Object 2.0, the modern amulet, is a collection of USB sticks, and was selected for the industrial design category, as they possess fur elements combined with portable electronics.
The project Furry Objects can bee seen as a continuity of Magnhild's MA project Deviated Evolution where she explores the relationship between humans and their portable electronics, and the lack of emotional appeal these products provide. For more information about Magnhild, read the interview with Spot on.

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Dalol The Developer said...

that's a cute USB stick..:P I like it