Something old, something new

Recently I read an article which featured the above chest of drawers by the German Valentin Löllman, a young designer who just graduated from the Academy of fine Arts Maastricht with his graduation project "past memories". Grown together out of old, forgotten pieces of furniture, this collection was guided by their original forms and memories to something new that keeps its character and uniqueness and hides it at the same time. The collection includes a chair, table, drawers and sofa.

Valentin's drawers reminded me of the chest of drawers Decades by WIS design that then, about 2 years ago, immediately grabbed my attention. Also made from discarded drawers, creating a mix of different styles from earlier decades. I really like how past and now meet, without losing any charm.

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Bi*tch At Me said...

That is beautiful and very creative. Love your site.