Unless you will

As my search for unique and beautiful (online) magazines continues, I was pointed in the direction of the magazine 'Unless you will'.

The magazine, founded and created by full-time dreamer, photographer and designer Heidi Romano, is an online journal that presents engaging and enchanting photographs from notable photographers from around the world.

The images are a happiness measurement, a rekindled memory, a touch of nostalgia or trigger other emotions. Breathtakingly beautiful...

Images by Alexander Binder

Perfume to go

Inspired by the city that never sleeps, Honoré des Prés launched three fragrances. Disguised in a kitsch take-away coffee cup, the sweet smells of New York's fast paced city-life now are only a few perfume notes away. The Big Apple in a cup. Curious? Order a sample here.

Digital cover

At the moment I'm working on a moodboard for a completely new magazine. An inspirational magazine about arts, design, travel and culture - connected and related to the Dutch creative scene. So much inspiration to be found online, this just being a fun example...