Life is a beach

As it's getting warmer and warmer I find myself longing for a quick run on the beach and then dive in the ocean. Bringing summer home with the salty skin and sand between my toes being sweet souvenirs. Always having lived close by the ocean, at times I truly miss the air, waves, sand, sounds and breezy style that can only be found near the beach.

Realizing how much I miss it, and then seeing the beautiful images on Victoria's blog were like a nice fresh splash in the face, feeling like virtual evening skinny dipping. Especially on hot summer nights like these. Happy to have tomorrow off... guess where it will be spent? Life is a beach...!

Images by Sanctuary Photography, Vonnie & Mrs. French

Cloud stool

Joon & Jung
created the Cloud Stool, inspired by the flexibility and softness of the cloudscape. Sweet dreams on legs!

Matthew Lyons

By pure luck I ran into the great work of English student Matthew John Lyons who is in his final year of an illustration and animation course. Great graphic style and absolutely loving the choice and use of colors.


Dutch Interior Design firm i29 designed the new interior of this splendid 1930s Amsterdam family apartment. The interior is completely unrecognizable from its original state, once cramped full of long corridors, doorways and small rooms. The new interior turned the house into one big open, spacious interior with the central feature being a striking white kitchen cabinet made from laser-cut MDF.


English Tom Edwards' set of landscapes was inspired by Icelandic scenery. Wonderful how the charm of a seemingly simple cut & paste look emphasizes the concept, shapes and colors.

Allandale house

The Allandale house is a wonderful A-frame house, where sleek & sexy design meet in the woods!

Retrospective dolls

After debuting in London and then traveling to Utrecht, the Netherlands, Viktor & Rolf's now iconic dolls - hand-made dolls wearing exact miniature replicas of key pieces designed by the duo - are now on exhibition in Studio Job Gallery.

The exhibit, comprised of more than 30 dolls, represents Viktor & Rolf's eccentric, often quirky look upon fashion design, balancing between wearable clothing versus wearable art.

The dolls are a great statement; perfect to show the Dutch fashion design duo’s retrospective, spanning 17 years of innovative and boundary-pushing fashion. A phenomenal exhibition showcasing many of their brilliant work since their characteristic brand's formation in 1993.