Rebirth of summer

Only found out about this Hipstamatic contest today, beautiful pictures, great submissions! Just looking at these pictures is enough to instantly get into that easy breezy summer mode.

Oh, if you're interested in entering too, it’s not too late yet! You can enter your submission until June 5th! Enjoy the sunny weekend!

Pin it forward

On Lori's blog I read about the Pin it Forward project - a project with more than 300 blogs participating. The site, and the Pin it Forward entries specifically, are pretty much visual heaven on earth for design and interior lovers like myself. Seeing all those beautiful images of even more beautiful homes and design items, feels like being in the candy shop. Great space for some serious inspiration!

Image via Shanna on Pinterest.


Simply loving this witty concept; Front covered the walls of the Tensta Konsthall with plastic and silk flowers to create a three dimensional wallpaper.

Mapping arts and cultures

Today the (Dutch) site ‘Mapping arts & culture' was officially launched; a worthwhile initiative that puts the spotlight on arts and culture. The site, an online platform, wants to share and show the meaning of arts and culture to the bigger audience; share inspiration and acknowledge that arts and cultures are anywhere in our society and very essential to all of us, even though we don’t always realize this. In so many ways arts and culture inspire all of us, and can be found anywhere, in any way you can imagine. At the same time the project is a wake up call for the politic – time to open some eyes and let them know that arts & culture matter and do more than we sometimes take for granted for! Great concept and very curious what this will lead to and cause within the society and arts & cultural related communities…

Images via weheartit.

All I want...

These items have been on my (never-ending, always adding) wish list for quite a while now. Time to get that credit card out and start spending...!

1 - Leather bag; 2 - Ring; 3 - Pillow; 4 - Cup;
5 - Scarf; 6 - Perfume; 7 - Wallet; 8 - Mug; 9 - Blanket

Dream about an idyllic place…

Meet the beautiful conceptual work of Swedish Johan Lindstén, one of Scandinavia's most promising young Scandinavian designers. Recently Johan participated in Stockholm Design Week's exhibition "Check In 10". I love how Johan, by playing with traditional embroidery and classic, simple furniture style elements, was able to create a new, contemporary look that brings back a dreamy, but long lost sentimental value.

Studio Aandacht

This striking house, located on the IJburg district in Amsterdam, has been for sale for a couple of months now, so it was about time to share this here on Orange Pop Design. The stunning home with it's fresh interior, filled with many designs from (mainly) young Dutch designers, belongs to the Dutch couple Ben Lambers (art director) and Tatjana Quax (photo stylist), who work together under the name of Studio Aandacht.

Studio Aandacht has worked on a number of impressive projects, including numerous productions for Elle Decoration, Dutch department store Hema and Dutch children's brand Tumble 'n Dry and many more.

I heart wood

When checking my email I found out 'I heart wood' was one of my new followers on Twitter. Although the name made me a bit suspicious at first, I was pleasantly surprised to find they have a site dedicated to wooden designs. On the site they show some serious cool work, with the Crossed Stick chair of Korean Designer Samwoong Lee being one of my favorites. Definitely worth checking out!